Emerging Concepts in Respiratory Disease Symposium

The Di-one Institute: The Di-one Institute is a collaborative alliance between the Unversity of Vermont (UVM) and Maastricht University Medical Center (MUMC+).

The Symposium on Emerging Concepts in Respiratory Disease is being organized by the Di-one Institute with the goal of bringing together internationally recognized researchers in respiratory disease to discuss new ways of viewing and conceptualizing respiratory disease.  


Theme 2009: Disease mechanisms are rarely specific to one disease, and diseases are rarely limited to one organ system. Furthermore, there is now a greater appreciation that manifestations of disease are the result of complex interactions of a variety of networks that operate between many different systems.

Hence, there is ever increasing recognition that in order to make further advances in our understanding of airways disease we have to move away from reductionism and place more emphasis on unifying concepts of disease.

Thus, the theme for the 2009 Inaugural Symposium on Emerging Concepts in Respiratory Disease will be: Moving Beyond Reductionism in Airways Disease.




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