Description of Vermont

Vermont is a state located in the Northeastern part of the United States.  Within Vermont there are approximately 600,000 inhabitants.  The state is bordered by New York State on the western side and the state of New Hampshire on its eastern side and Canada to the North.  It is about a 2-hour-drive to Montreal, 3-hour-drive to Boston, and 4 or more hours to New York City.  

Vermont is known for it natural areas which range from a large 150-mile-long lake, Lake Champlain, along its western border, and its mountains. It has a number of ski resorts both downhill and cross country.  Hiking is also a favorite past time of Vermont residents.  

The largest city in Vermont is Burlington, which is where the main campus of the University of Vermont is located.  Burlington itself has about 40,000 inhabitatnts, but the adjacent cities have together about another 60,000 inhabitants.  Burlington has itself a “cafe” culture with outdoor restaurants and cafes that are quite popular in the summer.  It has been described by Europeans as being one of the most European cities in the U.S.